How to increase onion yield

Onions and garlic have a relatively low nutrient uptake efficiency, due to their shallow root system characterized by thick roots with very few and short hairs. So to achieve optimum yields it is important to apply nutrients as close as possible to the rooting zone infrequently and readily available forms.

Onion and Garlic Crop Nutrition Programme


Does your onion and garlic have a nutrient deficiency?

Identify and diagnose nutrient deficiencies in your onions and learn how to control or correct the deficiency. Start by selecting a nutrient below.

Onion crop nutrition programmes
Onion crop nutrition programmes

Role of nutrients by onion growth stage

Find out which nutrients are most important at different growth stages.

Read more about nutrients in onion growth stages

Yara agronomist advice on onions and garlic

Make better informed nutrient decisions

The farmer's toolbox is a collection of tools help you to make better nutrient decisions to choose the right fertiliser and apply the right amount of nutrients at the right time and in the right place so that the crop yield and quality are maximised whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilisation and protecting the environment.